Current Supporters

Monteverdi Choir & Orchestras Ltd, American Friends of the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras, Inc., and Fonds Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras France would like to acknowledge the following Individuals, Corporates and Trusts and Foundations for their generous support.


Bach Members

Michael Beverley, DL
David & Sandra Brierwood
Mrs Julia Chappell
Andrey Kidel
Michael Likierman
William Lock
Margo & Nicholas Snowman
and those who wish to remain anonymous

Beethoven Members

Lord Burns
Sarah & Nick Delfas
Peter & Stephanie Chapman
Victoria & Stephen Swift
and those who wish to remain anonymous

Brahms Members

Roger & Rosemary Chadder, Michael Estorick, Mr & Mrs John Fairbairn, Mrs Juliet Gibbs, Gordon Gullan, Gracia Lafuente & Jake Donavan, Mr Duncan Matthews QC, Lady Nixon, Professor Richard Portes CBE FBA, Christian & Mytro Rochat, Antony C Shoults, Christopher Stewart, Victor & Tina Vadaneaux 

Berlioz Members

Mr A Agterhuis, Brian André & Peter Folstar, Geoffrey Barnett, Donald D Campbell, Peter J Chapman, Miss Vanessa Claypole, Mrs Melanie Edge, Flora Fraser, Anthony de Grey, Donald J Gorman, Doug & Mary Hawkins, Patrick Heininger, János & Dietlinde Hidasi, Jenny & George Hill, Richard Jacques, Gareth Keene, Lydia Lau & Family, Richard Meredith, John Julius & Mollie Norwich, Alessandro Orsaria, Peter W. Parker,  Mary Pinnell, Dr Paul A Sackin, Steven & Olivia Schaefer, Christopher J H Thornhill, Andrew Tusa, Veronica Uribe & Andres Ortega, David & Hilmary Quarmby, Andrew Wales, David Ward and those who wish to remain anonymous


With many thanks to those individuals who give regular donations in support of our work.


The Monteverdi Choir & Orchestras would like to thank the supporters of the Monteverdi 450 project for their kindness and generosity.

Mr Bruno Wang
Mr & Mrs Baha Bassatne
Michael Beverley
William & Judith Bollinger
Bette Jane Booth
David & Sandra Brierwood
Julia Chappell
Michael L Cioffi
Monteverdi Tuscany,Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Italy
Morny & Ian Hay Davison
Dunard Fund
The Fort Foundation& Edward S Fort OBE
Green Network Energy Ltd
Greensill Capital
Mrs Carol Colburn Grigor& Mr Murray Grigor
Intesa Sanpaolo
Jill Jachera
Patricia Kenneally
William Lock
London Women's Clinic Foundation
Morgan Stanley
One Medical Group
Ivan & Emma Pearce-Molland
Nicola Ramsden
Judith McCartin Scheide
The Scheide Fund
Seneca Partners
Lena Chang Sheeran
John G Turner & Jerry G Fischer
Sir David Walker
Philip Wilbraham
Winton Group

And a number of donors who wish to remain anonymous

Corporate Partners


Morgan Stanleygreensill capital


grrn network energyintesa san paolo

Trust & Foundations

Dunard Fund
The Goldsmiths' Company
The Kohn Foundation

American Friends of the Monteverdi Choir and Orchestras, Inc.

Conductor's Circle

Michael L. Cioffi - Monteverdi Tuscany, Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Italy
Negaunee Foundation
The Scheide Fund - The New York Community Trust

Laurie & Bill Benenson


Jeffrey Calman
Ferne Mele
Stephen Rubin
Christopher Stewart

Rodney & Jennifer Johnson
Dr Laura Youens

Christopher Laconi
Neil Graham

Mr Frank Brown, Dr Leslie Calman, David Crosby, Delphine Eberhart, Francesca Hayslett, Mr John Kelly, Seth Levi, Matthias Ohr and Shannon Coulter, Mr David and Heidi Onkst, John Strasswimmer

In Memoriam

In honour of Bryan Lilly
In memory of Dorothy Stuart

Supporters of the Monteverdi Apprentices Programme 2016/17

Mr Roger Chadder
Ian Hay & Morny Davison
Mr & Mrs John Fairbairn
Mrs Helen Skinner
Ernest Cook Trust
The Garrick Charitable Trust
The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

In Memoriam

In memoriam John Baker
In honour of William Barnaby
In memoriam Lady Foley
In memoriam Kevin Lavery
In celebration of Annette Pils
In memory of Ruth Ziegler