SDG 186  |  56 CDs

Recorded live during the Bach Cantata Pilgrimage

The Monteverdi Choir 

The English Baroque Soloists 
John Eliot Gardiner

"One of the most ambitious musical projects of all time" - Gramophone

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For the first time on one label, the complete live recordings from the Bach Cantata Pilgrimage in an elegant box set.

The CDs in the box are packed in individual sleeves with Steve McCurry's evocative portrait photos from the existing series, so the "feel" of the collection will be much the same as the individual releases.

Complete Box Set
Buy Now £199 

The set contains:

56 audio CDs

All 28 existing volumes from our Bach Cantatas series

+ 4 additional CDs previously released by Deutsche Grammophon.
Featuring Magdalena Kozena/ Paul Agnew/ Mark Padmore/ Sara Mingardo/ James Gilchrist/ Peter Harvey
          3rd Sunday after Epiphany (BWV 72/ 73/ 111/ 156)
          Feast of the Purification of Mary (BWV 83/ 82/ 125/ 200)
          9th Sunday after Trinity (BWV 94/ 168/ 105)
          11th Sunday after Trinity (BWV179/ 199/ 113)

+ 1 bonus CD-R
          Index of the cantatas by CD and by cantata number
          Sung texts with English translations
          Original sleeve notes in English and German (French notes available online)

Disc Title  BWV
For Christmas Day [1999] 63/191
For New Year’s Day  143/41/16/171
For the Sunday after New Year/ Feast of Epiphany 153/58/65/123 
For the First Sunday after Epiphany  154/124/32 
For the Second Sunday after Epiphany 155/3/13 
For the Third Sunday after Epiphany 72/73/111/156 
For the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany  26/81/14/227 
For the Feast of the Purification of Mary 83/82/125/200 
For Septuagesima 144/84/92 
10  For Sexagesima  18/181/126
11  For Quinquagesima 22/23/127/159 
12  For the Annunciation/Palm Sunday/Oculi 182/54/1 
13  For Easter Sunday/Easter Monday 4/31/66 
14  For Easter Monday/Easter Tuesday 6/134/145 
15  For the First Sunday after Easter   150/67/42/158
16  For the Second Sunday after Easter  104/85/112 
17  For the Third Sunday after Easter  12/103/146 
18  For the Fourth Sunday after Easter  166/108/117 
 19 For the Fifth Sunday after Easter  86/87/97 
 20 For Ascension Day  43/37/128/11
 21 For the Sunday after Ascension Day  44/150/183 
 22 For Whit Sunday  172/59/74 
 23 For Whit Monday  173/68/174 
 24 For Whit Tuesday   1048/184/175 
 25 For Trinity Sunday  194/176/165/129 
 26 For the Feast of St John the Baptist  167/7/30 
 27 For the First Sunday after Trinity  75/39/20
 28 For the Second Sunday after Trinity    2/10/76
 29 For the Third Sunday after Trinity 21/135/1044 
 30 For the Fourth Sunday after Trinity   24/185/177/71
31  For the Fifth Sunday after Trinity  131/93/88 
32  For the Sixth Sunday after Trinity  9/170 
33  For the Seventh Sunday after Trinity   186/107/187
34  For the Eighth Sunday after Trinity   178/136/45 
35  For the Ninth Sunday after Trinity  94/168/105
36  For the Tenth Sunday after Trinity  46/101/102 
37  For the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity   179/199/113
38  For the Twelfth Sunday after Trinity  69a/35/137 
39  For the Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity   77/164/33 
40  For the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity 25/78/17  25/78/17
41  For the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity  138/99/51/100 
42  For the Feast of St Michael and All Angels  50/130/19/149 
43  For the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity   161/27/8/95
44  For the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity  148/114/47/226 
45  For the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity  96/169/116/668 
46  For the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity  48/5/90/56 
47  For the Feast of the Reformation 79/192/80 79/192/80 
48  For the Twentieth Sunday after Trinity  162/49/180 
49  For the Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity  109/38/98/188 
50  For the Twenty-second Sunday after Trinity  55/89/115/60 
51  For the Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity  139/163/52/140 
52  For the First Sunday in Advent   61/62/36
53  For the Fourth Sunday in Advent   70/132/147 
54  For Christmas Day/2nd Day of Christmas 91/121/40/110 
55  For the Third Day of Christmas   64/151/57/133
56  For the Sunday after Christmas Day 225/152/122/28/190 

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