Former Participants

"I had to work hard to meet the standards and I was hugely inspired by working at such close proximity with such splendid musicians. Since then, I have formed my own period ensemble."
Oliver-John Ruthven 

2016/17 2014/15            
Dorran Alibaud, cello
Konstanze Glander, violin
Monika Grimm, viola
Gabrielle Maas, violin
Johanna Radoy, violin
Bianca Riesner, cello
Jenna Sherry, violin
Elisabeth Sordia, viola
Mátyás Virág, cello

Jessica Cale, soprano
Rory Carver, tenor    
Rosemary Clifford, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca Hardwick, soprano  
Angela Hicks, soprano      
Emma Lewis, mezzo-soprano
Jake Muffett, baritone
Angharad Rowlands, soprano
2012/13 2010/11
Emily Armour, soprano      
Sarah Denbee, mezzo-soprano
Ellen Giacone, soprano
Peter Harris, tenor
Eleanor Minney, mezzo-soprano
Nicholas Mogg, bass
Katie Schofield, mezzo-soprano
Gordon Waterson, countertenor
Rafael Becerra, violin
Davina Clarke, violin
Carina Drury, cello
Geoffrey Irwin, viola
Jonathan Rees, cello
Pippa Macmillan, double bass
Beatrice Scaldini, violin
Poppy Walshaw, cello
Maja Wegrzynowska, viola

Oliver-John Ruthven, keyboard
Stephanie Guidera, mezzo-soprano
Raffaele Pe, countertenor
Gareth Treseder, tenor
Eun Seo, soprano
Edmund Saddington, bass
James Priest, bass
Rory McCleery, countertenor
Gwendolen Martin, soprano
2009/10 2008/09
Louella Alatiit, violin
Lucile Perrin, cello
Edwina Cordingley, cello
Tomoki Sumiya, double bass
Maria de Gracia Ramirez, viola
Karin Bjork, viola
Hilary Michael, viola
Kinga Ujszaszi, viola
Genevieve Koerver, cello
Stephen Pedder, violin

Christopher Borrett, bass
Zoe Brookshaw, soprano
Susanna Fairbairn, soprano
Chloe Morgan, mezzo-soprano
Robyn Parton, soprano
Simon Ponsford, countertenor
Lucy Roberts, soprano
Emma Walshe, soprano 

Thomas Appleton, bass
Julian Gale, countertenor
Emilia Hughes, soprano
Lucy Page, soprano
Rupert Reid, tenor
Charles Richardson, countertenor

"I had very high expectations - in the last twelve months, they have been surpassed. I was honoured to receive personal tuiton ifrom John Eliot that covered vocal techniques, stylistic awareness, language coaching and recital preparation. we were never made to feel as though we were merely 'the Apprentices' - all of us felt integral to the success of any given project."
Gareth Treseder

"The scheme helped me a lot in controlling my performances, both with the group and in solo appearances, and in being more confident and reliable on stage. The relationship with my mentor continued even after rehearsasl, tours or concerts. Some of us have been able to get coaching sessions and singing lessons for free as part of the scheme, a sign of great generosity, commitemnt and professionalism fomr such mentors."
Raffaele Pe

"I very much enjoyed the fact that we were, form the start, integrated with the Choir and expected to perform at the same level as the Choir. The pre-project coaching sessions were useful to get to know the repertoire and to get a feel for the 'house style' for any given work, so that we felt well prepared going into full rehearsals."
Rory McCleery

"People have taken an interest in me, not only as a singer and performer but also as a person, and this is uplifting and encouraging. I was truly inspired by the professionalism and also the personal connections I have made."
Stephanie Guidera