The Apprenticeship Scheme

Credit: Bertrand de Miollis / Olivier Desvaux

"Our apprentices have proved to be a magnificent addition to the Monteverdi ensembles since we established the pioneering scheme in 2007. In short, a Monteverdi Apprenticeship provides an holistic and comprehensive programme offering the very best young musicians a bridge between university, conservatoire and the professional work."

Sir John Eliot Gardiner

The Monteverdi Apprenticeship Scheme was set up in 2007 to address the problems faced by young singers attempting to embark on a professional career. The aim of the programme is to give the most promising young musicians on the verge of entering the profession, direct experience of the musical tradition of the Monteverdi ensembles and the working practices of Sir John Eliot Gardiner during a year-long apprenticeship scheme. It offers the participants a unique experience of music making at a world-class level within a high-powered and multi-national group of colleagues, making them exceptionally well-equipped to perform and teach at the highest level and to take up international professional careers.

After an extremely successful two years, the Apprenticeship Scheme was opened to instrumentalists for the first time in 2009/10. In the concert season 2012/13 we are doubling our intake of participants to 8 singers and 8 instrumentalists.

Selected apprentices take part in all the major tours and projects of the Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists and Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique. Each Apprentice is matched to an individual mentor chosen among the more experienced members of the ensembles, from the same choral or orchestral section, to provide them with musical and practical advice and support throughout the year. They also receive personal and group tuition from John Eliot Gardiner and experienced members of the ensembles, as well as specialised training in historically informed performance practice, voice, languages and yoga, and guidance in devising educational projects and working with children.

Credit: Bertrand de Miollis / Olivier Desvaux

      The participants can expect to:

  • Receive an excellent preparation for a performing career, learning at an early stage of development about the exacting demands and working practices of an internationally renowned ensemble
  • Receive additional educational benefits ranging from vocal and instrumental coaching to audition technique seminars
  • Learn to work in a team within the multi-national environment of the choir and orchestras
  • Learn to relate to children and to communicate their enthusiasm for classical music to those who have had no experience of it by participating in Monteverdi educational projects



We are most grateful to the following individuals for their generous support of the 2012-2013 Apprenticeship Scheme:

N H Baring, Geoffrey Barnett, Dr Stephen Bence, Constantin Boden, Marisa Borroni,
Elena and Richard Bridges, Mrs M Buchanan, Lord Burns, Roger & Rosemary Chadder,
Peter Chapman, Peter R Chapman, Mrs Felicity Fairbairn, Lex Greensill, John Hanford,
Ian and Morny Hay Davison, Elizabeth Houghton, Richard Jacques, Andrey Kidel,
William Lock, Iain and Jennifer Mathewson, John McCann, Jonathan Neil-Smith,
Miguel Ortega, Costa Pilavachi, Nicola F E Ramsden, Leen Roetman,
Dr Paul A Sackin, Alan Sainer, Keith J. Salway, Helen and John Skinner, Stephen Uhlig,
Victor and Tina Vadaneaux, David WB Ward, Tony and Jackie Yates-Watson, Dr Laura Youens,
Ilario Zampone

And ten donors who wish to remain anonymous