This has to be the most extraordinary, ambitious, and successful recording project in the history of the gramophone.
Sir David Attenborough

The Bach Pilgrimage is probably the very greatest recorded musical achievement. It is the way Gardiner conceives the music that would undoubtedly have astounded Bach himself.
Eileen Walliser, Switzerland – a supporter of the campaign

£ 45000
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£ 45000
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26 July

Listen to a preview of the live recording
from St Giles Cripplegate on Thursday 10 May 2012:

Ascension Cantatas Project


We have both of us been deeply touched by the number of people who answered our appeal, and who gave so spontaneously to the Ascension Cantatas fund. It meant we were able to perform Bach's Ascension cantatas last Thursday in St Giles Cripplegate and to record them for release on our SDG label  - the final piece in the puzzle of our Bach cantata pilgrimage.

Besides loyal supporters and friends of the Monteverdi, contributions came from a number of distinguished colleagues and from people right across the globe. This tangible expression of support was very present in our minds and hearts as we performed the Ascension cantatas last week.

It is always very special for our group to come together to perform Bach's music - the singers and players kept saying that it felt like coming home. But knowing that so many people, most of them unable to attend, thought that it was important that these concerts should go ahead added a new dimension to our music making.

Of course we owe this support to the almost universal fascination Bach's music now holds, but we were touched that so many people decided that this project was worthwhile and had to happen.

On behalf of all the musicians who took part may we thank you most warmly for your generosity and support.

Isabella Gardiner
Director, Soli Deo Gloria
John Eliot Gardiner
Founder & Artistic Director, the Monteverdi Choir & Orchestra


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